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  • Hello AMB Family!

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Peter. I started this business because I was tired of spending money on businesses that don't care about black lives. Also, I wanted to create a clothing business to look classy and professional, but yet sporty and comfortable when wearing AMB gear! Hope your day is full of gladness and success!

  • Comfortable & Affordable

    Our brand represents business minded men and women to strive for greatness everyday, and also to look good doing it!

  • What Is AMB?

    AMB (About My Business) is a brand which represents what matters most to everybody in this world; THEIR BUSINESS! From work, all the way to having fun, being about your business is making sure that everything is organized and making sure YOU are in control of YOUR life. This brand isn't about representing money, it’s a representation of staying in your bag and keep working hard, and be successful in life and business.

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